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You have just lost your loved one, now you have the task of organising the funeral. This can be daunting at a time when your emotions are stretched to the limit.

Contacting a funeral home is the best way to alleviate most of this worry they will take the burden off your shoulders and may suggest and contact a Celebrant, on your behalf. However, if you would like to choose your Celebrant yourself, I am happy to be contacted directly.

These days, funerals don't have to be performed by the clergy. More and more people are looking at the option of using a Celebrant to say farewell to their loved one. However, this may not diminish your need or desire to have some religious content in your service; often we, as Celebrants, are asked to include such items as the 23rd Psalm or the Lord's Prayer this is quite usual.

  • As a professional Funeral Celebrant, I will sit with you and/ or other members of your family and plan a sensitive service, one which celebrates the life of the deceased person.
  • Although it is not essential, I encourage as many of the family as possible to be involved in the service as this can also help in the grief process.
  • However, I have also performed many services where there has been no family involvement and this is, of course, quite fine too.

At the conclusion of any service I conduct, you will receive:

  • A complete written copy of the service, including any eulogies, poems or readings which family members have chosen to incorporate.