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When looking at the cost, you need to understand that there are many factors that make up this pricing and these should be taken into account – we don’t just turn up magically on the day of your ceremony. On average, a couple should be prepared to spend anything from $500 to $1500 – some celebrants are less, with others charging more than the upper fee, quoted here. (Personally, I’m about half way between!)  Putting a figure on our time is not an arbitrary guess – I’ve listed some of the factors below, so you don’t have to read a lot of blurb:

  • Training – these days, it’s a Cert VI and takes into account lots of criteria
  • Applying to the Attorney Generals Dept for registration
  • Lodging the AG’s paperwork (usually taking about 3+ months to process)
  • Once registered, paying an annual registration fee to the AG’s
  • Yearly Ongoing Professional Development – an AG requirement
  • Membership of accredited Celebrant Associations
  • Insurances for P&I, copyright licences and equipment
  • Purchasing appropriate stationary
  • Maintaining a vehicle
  • Purchasing a suitable PA system
  • Maintaining a suitable wardrobe
  • Writing the ceremony – some take a lot longer than others!
  • Advertising including website and a social media presence – what you’re looking at right now

All the above, costs upwards of many thousands per year, to help ensure you and your partner are legally and safely married and have an easy and stress-free day – and of course, there is the COVID-19, which has placed a further burden on everyone.

There are a number of items I haven’t mentioned – or the list would be at least half as long again – rehearsals, travel, meetings, computer and printer…  So you’re not just investing your money in some person that pops in and “signs you up” – it’s an investment in a fully qualified professional celebrant, who will go out of their way to make your day a day to remember.  And remember – without us on the day you want to get married – it’s just one big very expensive party!

A great number of celebrants have multiple fee structures these days, from “Elopement” and “Legals Only” ceremonies to the “Basics” and “All the  Bells and Whistles”.  So whatever you’re looking for – there is a celebrant waiting for your call and a price that will suit your budget – but remember two things – you are investing in your future happiness, not just a one off party on the day AND Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware).