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Legals & Fees
What you need to know

The legals

If you intend to marry, the following points need to be considered, as these are the legal requirements set down by the Australian Government in the Marriage Act of 1961 and Marriage Regulations 1963.

At our first meeting, it would help to save time if you bring the following documents with you, should you then decide to appoint me as your marriage celebrant at that time.

NB: All documents must be original. Photocopies are not accepted (by law).
Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) - I will provide this document which needs to be lodged no less than a month prior to the wedding date. The marriage needs to be performed within 18 months of the NIM being signed. Once signed it does not need to go to BDM for lodgement - it is lodged with your celebrant (me preferably). I will also bring a NIM with me to our first obligation free meeting.

Birth Certificate - If born in Australia, you need to produce your original birth certificate or extract. If you don't have one, you will need to apply for one to Births, Deaths & Marriages. However, you are now permitted to use your Passport, but a Birth Certificate is still the preferred option.

Change of Name - Original change of name certificate to be sighted. It is no longer permitted to use a Deed Poll document.

Divorce - Original Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce to be sighted.

Death - Original Death Certificate to be sighted.

Passports - If travelling in Australia as an overseas visitor and you wish to marry here, then you are allowed to produce your current passport. If born outside Australia, but are an Australian resident or Naturalised Citizen, then you can show your passport (current or not - as long as it is not cancelled), however, you may also produce your Birth Certificate.

Under 18 - Persons over the age of 16, but under the age of 18 may only marry with the express consent of a judge or magistrate, whether the parents consent or not. The court order is then only valid for 3 months and the wedding must be performed within that time frame. No two people under 18 may marry under any circumstances.

Foreign documents not in English - These will need to be translated by an official translator and stamped and signed with his/ her name. Official translators can usually be found at Embassies or Consulates, or at the following web site address: www.naati.com.au Both documents then need to be sighted by the celebrant. The exception to this, is if the original document has english titles, too.

You will need TWO WITNESSES on the day of the wedding they must be able to understand and speak English and be over the age of 18.

Fees and charges
What You're up for!

My current base fee structure is based upon the current average fee for the service you require - currently $950. I am more than happy to discuss my fees with you - my preference is to do this face to face at our initial obligation free meeting. My basic fee also includes up to 1.5 hours return drive from northern Sydney. Please call me to arrange to meet - either your place or somewhere in between!